What happens in the brain chemistry when watching pornography in simple terms. 

Pornography and pornographic sites are the fastest growing sites on the internet because lots of viewers around the world all watch pornography. According to Alexa pornographic site are among the first 300 hight traffic sites in the world. 

As sweet and interesting it may be to watch porn, it has diverse and chronic consequences not only to our life’s psychology but most importantly to our brain. Scientist has carried out a research and found out that The human brain retains far more watched and viewed pictures than written or told words. Which is why anyone who watches porn can still replay it accurately in their brain as if they are just watching it for the Continue reading “What happens in the brain chemistry when watching pornography in simple terms. “


Which is deadly HIV-Aids, Cancer or Diabetes mellitus

In the world today scientists have proven that this century is known as the century for disease, so it means that different disease will be arising. In the latest statistics by the WHO it is shown that more that half of the world’s population die of Cancer, Diabetes and HIV. And even all scientists research and experiment of finding a cure has been unsuccessful. 

In this our modern age where technology and science keeps on advancing, it’s also so sad that as this things advance diseases advance and people die. But we will be looking at the most deadliest diseases in the world and they include Hiv-Aids, Cancer and Diabetes mellitus.


During the first decade after recognition of AIDS epidemic in the United States in 1981, almost 180,000

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Pasteurella an emerging Genus and pathogenic in causing pneumonia. 

Pasteurella is a genus from the family of Pasteurella. It is a gram negative, coccobacillus,facultatively anaerobic bacteria that exhibit a distinct characteristics of bipolar staining when gram stained which is far different from all other bacteria on earth. It is non-motile and pleomorphic and often catalase and oxidase positive. It constitutes part of the normal Flora of the nose and mouth in dogs, cats and other animals.

Pasteurella multocida is highly sensitive to enrofloxacin, oxytetracycline, chloramphenicol. It grows at 37 degrees on blood agar but not on Continue reading “Pasteurella an emerging Genus and pathogenic in causing pneumonia. “

What you need to know about actinomycosis and its prevention to live a better life.

Actinomycosis is a bacterial infection that affects the face and neck, often referred to as “lump jaw.” The infection can appear in other parts of the body, including the chest, abdomen and pelvis. Actinomycosis is caused by the Actinomycetaceae family of bacteria, which normally live harmlessly in the lining of the mouth, throat, digestive system and vagina, entering damaged tissue after trauma, surgery or other infection. Because it often develops as a secondary infection, actinomycosis can be difficult to prevent. However, there are some practical steps you can take to avoid certain cases of actinomycosis and, Continue reading “What you need to know about actinomycosis and its prevention to live a better life.”

Why do women become calm and peaceful mainly during pregnancy

According to research it has been proven that women even if they where agile, fierce become calm, hopeful and peaceful. Various scientists have embarked on this remarkable finding and research and found answers.

Have you ever heard of oxytocin?

This female hormone plays an important role from conception to delivery and can even influence your bond with baby and your breastfeeding experience.
The hormone oxytocin, which is derived from the Greek word “õkytokine” which translates to “fast delivery” has long been associated to childbirth, but more and more research show that this hormone plays a crucial role in all the aspects of motherhood, and even of our social and romantic interactions. We explore oxytocin and the role it plays from conception to birth and during the first months of your new Continue reading “Why do women become calm and peaceful mainly during pregnancy”

Changes in Genetic material or information mutation 

A sequence in chromosomal DNA is the linear repetition of four base elements: Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine in this molecule. Mutation is a stable heritable change in the sequence of nuclitides in the DNA. It is a change in the character of a gene that is perpetuated in subsequent divisions of the cell in which it occurs. The existence of mutation implies that the sequence of DNA in the living things is sufficiently stable than most individuals possess the same sequence. But sufficiently unstable that alterations do exist and can be found. The accumulation of significant mutations has the potential to increase your the genetic diversity of a specie. Such genetic diversity is an essential component of evolution and the ability of Continue reading “Changes in Genetic material or information mutation “

​7 Helpful Tips to Prevent Dry Eyes

All contact lens wearers have experienced dry eyes at some point. The irritation, the burning and heavy squinting make getting through the day unbearable. Observe the situations you are in when this occurs, as a lot of the time dry eyes may be preventable. Here are 7 helpful tips to avoid dry eye:
~Set your computer screen below your eye level: When your screen is above your eye level you tend to open your eyes more to see the screen better. When your screen is lower you relax your eyes, which helps reduce the dehydration of the tears in your eyes.

~Be mindful of your surroundings: Whether you live in the mountains, in the desert or are catching the Continue reading “​7 Helpful Tips to Prevent Dry Eyes”

Top 10 Healthy Foods To Eat While Pregnant

During pregnancy, women often get misled by the false notion of binging for two. Although, its true that you’ll need those extra calories during your pregnancy, you must aim at getting those extra calories with healthier food choices. The best thing about making wise choices of healthy food to eat while pregnant is that most of these foods are really tasty.
Apart from the usual fruit, vegetable, fiber and whole-grain bread recommendation, here’s a list of essential healthy food to eat while pregnant, that ought to make it to your grocery shopping cart.
Top 10 choices of healthy food to eat while pregnant:
1. Fresh or dried plums are filled with powerful antioxidants. These are great for constipation relief, commonly experienced in pregnancy.
2. Beets are rich in folate. It has natural red pigments that possess potent antioxidants. This will help in strengthening your Continue reading “Top 10 Healthy Foods To Eat While Pregnant”

Safely taking Vitamins and Supplement

Are You Taking Vitamins and Supplements? Here’s How to take them safely.
Vitamins and Supplements have been taken out of the doctor’s Hands. Now they are marketed directly to consumers. They are blitzed with print, digital and television ads. People don’t realize that they are not candy. While classified differently than pharmaceutical drugs – these are not without risk from overdosing. Health care professionals are calling for FDA more regulation of Vitamins and supplements.
Vitamins and Supplements are everywhere. The industry generates over $35 billion each year in sales. Their sales will reach $60 billion by the year 2021. With the 100’s of millions of people using them they need to take some precautions. Supplements have the potential to cause harm. Herbal remedies have cause many bad reactions. Some have been known to cause Kidney failure.
According to the FDA’s classification, supplements have naturally occurring, biologically active compounds with possible medicinal properties. They will contain vitamins, minerals and other herbal ingredients. Supplements are not Continue reading “Safely taking Vitamins and Supplement”

How To Become A Competent Medical Writer

Due to the Internet’s domination, more and more people are becoming content writers. This opens up the demand for more specialised writers, including sports writers, political writers, legal writers – and medical writers.
What Is Medical Writing?
Any writer must possess a certain amount of knowledge about the subject they’re writing about. A lot of copywriters are hired hands who get to write about a variety of different things, from soccer to basketball, nutrition to health and wellbeing, politics to Continue reading “How To Become A Competent Medical Writer”