Why Are My Eyelashes Falling Out and What Can I Do?

Usually your eyelashes are full, long, and very thick. Amazing eyelashes can make a person’s eyes brighter and more inviting. The reality is that your eyelashes do fall out throughout life, sometimes more often than others. It can seem at times that our eyelashes do not stay in our lids no matter what we do. There are numerous reasons this can happen. These reasons can include stress, an unhealthy diet, or a hormonal imbalance. The key to stopping your eyelashes from falling out is first identifying the different causes so you can target your treatment correctly.
There are numerous diseases that can cause you to lose your eyelashes faster than normal. Medical terms such as alopecia areta univeralis, follicularis, and poikiloderma can be blamed for eyelash loss. A more common infection like a sty on your eyelid can also contribute to loss. Behavioral disorders such as trichotillomania are also to Continue reading “Why Are My Eyelashes Falling Out and What Can I Do?”


How Anxiety Damages Your Heart

The work of mind and heart is immediately interconnected, perhaps more than the work of other organs. Any psychological factor is heartfelt and contributes to cardiac risk. And anxiety is no exception.
Anxiety is a psychological, physiological and emotional state that results from apprehensive behavior, i.e. that something bad or harmful may happen. Such behavior stresses the body and when it eventually becomes overly stressed, it can become symptomatic. 
The anxiety symptoms, such as dizziness, chest pain, headache, shortness of breath, nausea, heart palpitations, numbness, tingling and muscle weakness, are nearly identical to Continue reading “How Anxiety Damages Your Heart”

3 Surprising Benefits Of Exercise

Why do you exercise? To lose weight? Protect your health? Tone your body from head to toe?* Maybe you want to build strength and stamina to play with your kids or grandkids or to continue to enjoy your favourite physical activity, whether that’s hiking, kayaking or golf. Maybe you work out to improve your memory.
Improve memory? Yep. Research shows that exercise strengthens not only your body but your brain. And if that doesn’t blow your mind, we have a few more scientific findings that might.
1. Exercise can help you achieve life balance.

How many times have you heard someone say, I just don’t have time to exercise? Sure, life is busy. Especially now that we have mobile devices that allow anyone and everyone—the office, the kids, the spouse–to contact us anywhere, anytime, day or night. Work intrudes on home life and home interferes with work. So…taking time out of your busy day to exercise is going to help, you ask? Continue reading “3 Surprising Benefits Of Exercise”

Scientists have recently developed an immunotheraphy that can alter the immune system of a paralyzed rat and make it walk and potentially be used to cure Diabetes in human. 

In the ultimate betrayal, one’s own immune system can turn against the protective sheath that envelops neurons in the brain, leaving the body paralyzed. Researchers have developed an experimental treatment that tames the wayward immune system in rodents, returning the power of movement to paralyzed mice. The approach may someday combat autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes, in humans.

According to the  Christopher Jewell, Ph.D “The problem with current immunotherapies is that they aren’t specific, they act broadly, compromising the entire immune system and putting the patient’s health at risk, rather than focusing on only those immune system cells doing the damage.”

By considering how the immune system works, Jewell’s team at the University of Maryland set their sights on the lymph nodes as a possible target for creating a specific immune response. In autoimmune disease, a body-roaming immune cell recognizes an antigen—a molecule that the cell in this case falsely identifies as a piece of a foreign invader—and brings it to the lymph nodes, where another type of immune cell, the T cell, is then programmed to attack the antigen. For example, in multiple sclerosis, T cells are taught to recognize and attack the myelin sheath. Jewell thought it might be possible to prevent the T cells from learning bad habits by delivering an immune-system modifying agent directly to the lymph nodes.

To build the immunotherapeutic agent, the researchers first constructed a particle from poly(lactide-co-glycolide), an FDA-approved polymer, to serve as a carrier. They infused it with an immune-suppressing agent and the myelin antigen, to teach the T cells that myelin is no enemy.

The researchers injected these particles into the lymph nodes of paralyzed mice exhibiting a mouse model of multiple sclerosis. The particles slowly Continue reading “Scientists have recently developed an immunotheraphy that can alter the immune system of a paralyzed rat and make it walk and potentially be used to cure Diabetes in human. “

How much do you know about Food poisoning caused by Salmonella.

Food poisoning is one of the world’s populous diseases. It mostly affects children, in the United States it has been noted that 5 out of a 100 children suffer from food poisoning. The funny thing is that they are various antibiotic that can cure food poisoning but for some reason Food poisoning has been evolving.  

 Major Cause of Food poisoning 

Food poisoning is caused by a microorganism known as Salmonella. This is a common inhabitant of the intestinal tract of many animals including swine, sheep, cattle. It has Ben said that transmission from meat is usually indirectly through secondary contamination of other food items.  Infection can occur from drinking water contaminated with human or animal faeces. When salmonella make contact with hist plasma membrane it’s leads to traumatic changes in the membrane at the point of contact the microbe produces surface proteins known as invasins. 

causes the disease known as Salmonellosis ( food poisoning). 

Salmonelosis has an incubation period of 12-36 hours.  The bacteria first invade the intestinal mucosal and multiplies. Some times it manages to pass through the intestinal mucosal & enter the lymphatic &cardiovascular systems from where they spread to eventually affect others organs. They is a gradual or abrupt onset of diarrhoea & low grade fever accompanied by nausea,  abdominal pain & cramps. 
The mortality rate is overall very low at less that 1% but higher in infants & very old people. Death usually occurs from septic shock. Full recovery will normally take place in a few Continue reading “How much do you know about Food poisoning caused by Salmonella.”

How does the body stop bleeding, it’s mechanism and techniques that are unique.

​At one point in our life we would have had injuries on our bodies that will release exclutiating pains on our bodies. Some of these injuries  may be traumatic;  that is leading to infection. But have you ever wondered that must time for most of those injuries you may not have had need of going to the hospital and after some time the bleeding will stop and even when you go to the hospital  it. Even when these injury may be life-threatening  with profuse bleeding still when you take some drugs,  the bleeding begins to subside. 

How does the body subside  the bleeding

The body undergoes some cascade of reactions which is does  to prevent infection from entering into the body when Continue reading “How does the body stop bleeding, it’s mechanism and techniques that are unique.”

Chlamydia infection the major source of pregnancy miscarriage, stillbirth and barrenness 

Many times, even if you’ve not experience it as  a woman some woman are not able to give birth to a child. They go for different health check up to find out and know what the problem  is, some test may come out and say you are healthy other tests may suggest  that you are infertile. Doctors may even load you up with some oestrogen stimulant but this does not work. 

Have you also wondered about how a pregnant woman who was so healthy  and at the point of giving birth will have a miscarriage?  The funny thing with all these health issues is that they are asymptomatic ( without symptoms or signs). There may be some explanation attributed to this but statistics has show that more than 50% of assumed solutions to the cause of these issues are false. 

Chlamydia infection  a major cause to infertility 

Many times, even if you’ve not experience it as  a woman some woman are not able to give birth to a child. They go for different health check up to find out and know what the problem  is, some Continue reading “Chlamydia infection the major source of pregnancy miscarriage, stillbirth and barrenness “

Why do I easily get tired during an exercise or workout

Most times you will be on the field or in the track or maybe in the gym performing an exercise and after a priod of time fatigue begins to set in and gradually you have no choice than to stop that event. This is not to say that your body mechanism is week or dilapidated. No its not. Instead the human body mechanism and metabolism wants to regain the energy you have used up during the exercise.

The Coric Cycle

This cycle is also known as lactic acid cycle, its the metabolic pathway of carbohydrates that link glycolysis to the muscle tissue to Glyconogenesis (the formation of sugar in the body ). Lactate (as a result of tiredness) produced by anaerobic glycolysis in the muscle move to the liver and is converted to glucose which then result to the muscles and is metabolized back to lactate. During muscle activities or exercise ATP is constantly used to supply energy and more ATP is produced to replenish supply. This is achieved by the breakdown of glycogen in the skeletal muscle this process is known as glycogenesis. When the supply of oxygen is sufficient Continue reading “Why do I easily get tired during an exercise or workout”

How to cure diabetes with Ayurvedic medicine

The greater part of the general population begin floating away from life as they get determined to have diabetes. For them, life is reduced in numerous limitations and tenets. It is not that hard to keep up a sound diabetic life. You simply need to comprehend the correct idea of diabetes. In the cutting edge world, administration of diabetes has been streamlined from various perspectives. We simply need right data in respects with its side effects and treatment.

It is crucial to comprehend that diabetes is a condition wherein, the level of sugar is expanded in the circulatory system. Indeed, even the deficient supply of insulin to the body prompts diabetes. All organs of the body requires great measure of insulin to work appropriately.

Subsequently, it is key to keep up the level of glucose in the body. Aside from numerous restorative medications, Ayurveda-Indian conventional prescriptions – offers you numerous compelling medicines to control diabetes. These herbs are effortlessly accessible in the cupboards of your kitchen. In this manner, we are here specifying you with some plain Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals that will be useful in looking after diabetes:

*Indian gooseberry is additionally a great wellspring of vitamin C. It is exceptionally powerful in controlling the level of insulin in the body. Blend one tablespoon juice of Indian gooseberry with some crisp Continue reading “How to cure diabetes with Ayurvedic medicine”

How much do you know about Tuberculosis 

The causative agent for this disease is Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is bacilli in shape very thin, straight unlike its other kind mycobacterium leprae that causes bovis that causes intestinal disease which is thicker and shorter that other mycobacterium specie. This organism in the tissue occur singularly or in pairs. But in a more infectious form there are in clusters. Because of the high lipid content in cell wall we use a special staun named Ziehl Neelsin’s acud fast bacillus stain or the use of electron fluorescence microscope.

Pathogenesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

It Causes a human disease called tuberculosis & root of infection is by inhalation of particles from the environment and can land in the nostrils. The fate of this organism depends on the number Continue reading “How much do you know about Tuberculosis “