All about securing your files on USB drive

We all have files and folders that we don’t want others to look at. These files could be financial documents, images, videos or some other questionable material. Nonetheless, one thing is obvious, they should be secured and password-protected. You can certainly take that data, put it inside a USB device, but it won’t be secure. USB drives have been all the craze recently, in fact there are a cult following for novelty USB drives, they have been designed to look like sushi rolls, body appendages, teddy bears, fruit slices and other funny looking things. They also make a popular promotional item, often handed out for free on tech conventions, most of these USB drives (handed out for free) contain the promotional material on the company trying to promote their

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How can I lock a Folder?

Human haven’t always been at the top of the food chain. In the very beginning, we were venerable creatures. There were various threats such as diseases, predators and susceptibility to injury. Despite all these threats, humans were able to adapt to their environment. They survived by learning, mostly through trial and error. Every time a milestone was achieved, humans were able to record how they had done it and passed the information along to the next generation. In the 20th century, human made a gradual transition from simply surviving to thriving. However, things really took off in the 21st century with the adaption of the internet, e-commerce, computers, servers and other technological innovations.
However, with every new invention comes its side effects. For example, the firearm has enabled mankind to defend itself from credible threats such as wild animals, other humans and allowed them to hunt in the most effective manner possible. However, firearms have also been responsible for the slaughter of countless innocent lives. This shows that human inventions have their Continue reading “How can I lock a Folder?”

Some Interesting Facts to Know About Gold Nanoparticles Applications .

There are abundant reasons to purchase gold. With the inception of gold nano-particles, there is an increase demand for gold. The amazing gold nanoparticles uses of this metal have impressed everyone.
On the other hand, gold nano-particles are called colloidal suspension of the gold or colloidal gold. Gold nano-particles are available in fluid form only and it can be blended with water easily. One of the intriguing features of gold nano-particles is the fluid color changes with size. When it comes to the matter of size, if the gold nano-particles are less than 100nm, then the color would turn into deep red ‘while purple or blue color exists if the size is more than 100 nm.
Some more fascinating facts about gold nanoparticles applications
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How to recover deleted contact on iPhone 

One of the common thing that occurs when using your iPhone is losing contacts by accident. Have you ever lost iPhone contacts after upgrading your device to the new iOS 10? Many reasons can be attributed to the loss of iPhone contacts, for example, iOS upgrade, failed jailbreal, system crash, accidental deletion, etc. It is never fun to lose such important data on your iPhone. But no need to be depressed, this article will cover 4 straight forward ways to recover deleted contacts on iPhone 7/7 Plus/6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus/5S/5/4S/4.
Option 1: Restore Deleted Contacts from iCloud
iCloud makes it much easier to manage data on iPhone. If you have synced your contacts on iPhone with iCloud before, it is very simple to get your deleted contacts back.

  1. Open Contacts app, go to Settings > iCloud and navigate to “Contacts”.
  2. Turn off “Contacts” and tap “Keep on My iPhone” when the pop-up message appears.
  3. Toggle on “Contacts” again and choose “Merge”. You shall find the deleted contacts back on your device after some time.
    Option 2: Retrieve Contacts by using Google Contacts
    If you have made a backup on iPhone contacts before, you are able to retrieve deleted iPhone contacts. You can restore the deleted contacts on Google Contacts within 30 days after contacts are lost. Follow the simple instructions below:
  4. Open your browser and sign in to Google Contacts using your gmail acount.
  5. Click “More” on the drop-down menu and select “Restore contacts”.
  6. Select the time you want your contacts to be restored, then click “Restore”.

The deleted contacts will be restored in a minute.
Option 3: Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone or iTunes Backup
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The Epic battle in Technological advancements between the Nokia 8 and the proposed Samsung Galaxy S8.

For the past 5 years now the former known king of phones known as Nokia lost its pride when they sold up themselves to  Microsoft. This made Nokia lose its pride, I it lost its customers and it’s value. Many people began digressing to other phone makers like Samsung, Tecno. Because of this setback to Nokia, it made Samsung rise up in the phone market beyond and doubt. But in 2017 Nokia has returned and are really pulling out the phone market to themselves, with the new introduction of the Nokia 6, Nokia 8 about to come out and many other scheduled to come out this year.
Samsung on the other hand has been meaningfully advancing through out the years, even when at the year 2016 they almost lost their customers because of the sudden explosion of the Samsung Galaxy S7 battery which happened to almost kill some of its customers especially those that fly on air on airplanes. But nonetheless Samsung has put that behind them and decided to move ahead, abdominal with the Samsung Galaxy S8 coming out the Android market cannot wait for its launch. 

Difference in the Specification of Nokia 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8. 

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Technology combat: First generation technology Vs Fifth generation technology 

Before long before civilization came to man, man was always known to be crude. Crude in such a way that he never had equipment to do things for him but he had to make and craft out his own implements to make life a little bit easier. Those days man never knew that he create a machine to do all his chores for him but this was in the beginning of the age of man. As man advanced he began to think largely and largely not until the ABACUS, man’s first form of machine for calculation. There after the first computer was made, the analytical machine. So big and enormous where these systems which very too big and complex to sometimes analyse. There after we had the biggest of them all the SUPER COMPUTER. Used vacuum tube which means that the entire room it was in was very hot. All these machines built before getting to the laptops, smartphones that we have today.

Different between 1st generation technology and 2nd generation technology.

1) In first generation technology you have to be well versed and learned before you can be able to manipulate to your advantage the mechanism and frame work of the system. The 1st generation computers where very complex and it was difficult for people to understand. But not Continue reading “Technology combat: First generation technology Vs Fifth generation technology “

Tips on how to remotely increase your computer ram

There are most times when our systems becomes slow and inefficient in performance and reliability. This maybe attributed to many causes but most especially as a result of small ram.The ram is know as the random access memory that stores the device drivers that controls com system, the operating system and vital information of every application on your system which invariably means the higher your ram the better and more efficient your computer is going to be. So I will teach you how to increase your ram.

There are two ways of increasing your ram one is the manually and the other you buy another ram and install it at the back of the system located below the battery. But am only interested on the manual method
1)Go to This pc on your desktop or you search it in the start menu.

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