Wordads review 2017

WordPress as we all know is the biggest platform in the world where users can use to create their website and make it available online. This post is basically on the monetary aspect of wordpress, which is a program brought by wordpress itself for it’s community to enjoy some cash and it’s name is wordads.

Wordads began in 2012 and so far has grown so largely in the world as it gets many investors and hits per month and per year. This platform is mainly available to wordpress.com and wordpress.org users which makes it quite interesting.

Benefits of Wordads

With WordAds, we run ads

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Ways to optimize and speedup your wordpress website.

WordPress the world’s most populous platform used by bloggers and website owners. WordPress that came about in the year 2003 and grew to be the most loved among bloggers majorly because it’s has a self-hosting platform and a free-hosting platform.

But the sad thing about wordpress is that it can sometimes experience “white screen death” when your website shows something like ” ERROR ESTABLISHING DATABASE “.  This is a major disaster among website. This is because these errors could lead to;

Loss of Traffic.

  • Decrease in Google web ranking.
  • Lack of trust of your website by web users.
  • Ban by Google which could lead to blacklisting your website.

But this issue of error

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(Updated) Clicksor review for publishers 2017 for website and blogs

Clicksor is an all time old adnetwork which has been in the game with current alexa rank of 37,671. There are over 10 years old and have wide experience on how to make publishers and advertisers happy. Clicksor has over 400,000 publishers and over 5000 advertisers who pay for ads put on website and blo Continue reading “(Updated) Clicksor review for publishers 2017 for website and blogs”

(Updated)How to build a classified site like craglist, olx, jiji for free.

Classified websites are websites where customers can place their ads on your site and other people can see the ad and if they like it they call or text the owner of the Ad and the business continues. This type of site is the most trending of all the site in the world. But the major problem and question is how to build it? Personally I do not like the idea Continue reading “(Updated)How to build a classified site like craglist, olx, jiji for free.”

What really is virtual reality 

Review of Virtual reality(VR) 

Virtual reality comes, naturally, from the definition of virtual and reality. The definition of ‘virtual’ is close and reality is what we see and live as human beings. So the term ‘VR’ basically means ‘near-reality’. This could, of course, mean anything but it usually refers to a specific type of reality emulation.

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The hidden truths behind blogging 2017

Free-Photos / Pixabay

The truth about Blogging is that it’s ‘hard’. Many people think that by having a blog they get easy and fast money, well that wrong. I will sight an example Africa’s number one female blogger Linda Ikeji said that it took her close to 4years before she could earn her first dollars. So I ask why rush into blogging when blogging is just like all other business that if the secret are not uncovered, it can fold up. Continue reading “The hidden truths behind blogging 2017”

How much water do you need to drink to survive.

Water all around the world is known as the best medicine to cure any disease. This has been proven scientifically and also said that water cures about 90% of all human diseases. And as such widely recommended to always drink water.
This is lost throughout the day-through your breath, sweat, urine, and bowel movements. If you live in a hot climate, you lose even more fluid.

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Smoking campaign Stoptober backs e-cigarettes for first time

Health experts have tended to shy away from explicitly promoting e-cigarettes.

But the government campaign during October will feature vaping in its TV adverts for the first time.

It comes after e-cigarettes proved the most popular tool for quitting during last year’s campaign.

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Internet and technology advancement showdown 

Asthma cure, prevention and it’s management

So many people in the world today are dealing with the menace called asthma, but what’s so sad is that they do not know the cause or origin of this disease. Asthma is a disease caused by fungi invasion into the system of a human being making the person to become immunuocompromised. This disease is a long-term disease and sadly it has no cure. 

Why does Asthma have no cure? 
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Wireless technology it’s impact and meaning to our modern dispensation. 

Wireless technology  first came about in the 18th century which has been significantly developed over the years.  Wireless technology in our modern dispensation deals with devices like the Bluetooth devices, Local area network (LAN).

Our present world shows that the wireless technology have been part of the wireless communication system that allows users to communicate even from a remote operated area to another.  There are many devices for wireless communication like mobile. Cordless telephone, GPS, WI-FI, satellite, television and wireless computer parts like wireless mouse keyboard, best wireless headphones and wireless printers. Current wireless phone include 3 and 4G wireless networks and Bluetooth technologies.
We have basically some divisions in wireless technology. Which are:
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What happens in the brain chemistry when watching pornography in simple terms. 

Pornography and pornographic sites are the fastest growing sites on the internet because lots of viewers around the world all watch pornography. According to Alexa pornographic site are among the first 300 hight traffic sites in the world. 

As sweet and interesting it may be to watch porn, it has diverse and chronic consequences not only to our life’s psychology but most importantly to our brain. Scientist has carried out a research and found out that The human brain retains far more watched and viewed pictures than written or told words. Which is why anyone who watches porn can still replay it accurately in their brain as if they are just watching it for the Continue reading “What happens in the brain chemistry when watching pornography in simple terms. “

Make a free android app within 2minutes with Appyet without coding for your website or blogs 2017

With the increase in the number of app made perday in the world, there is also a need to make yours. If you have a website or blog this could be a way to earn money and even get more traffic to your blog or website. 

Appyet offers a two plans the free plan and the paid plan. In the free plan all modules and builders are free. But a $25 one time fee is paid to upload your app to the app store. 
Procedure for building App
Go to the website Appyet.

Click on sign up and fill in

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Paid traffic Vs free website traffic: Seoclerks.com

Have you ever asked yourself a question about how to get lots of traffic to your blog or website? sure you could have asked especially when your just starting out as a blogger or website owner. Many reviews are said on the internet on how to get traffic to your website, but I can tell you one thing most of those methods are not guaranteed.

Traffic itself is life to any website, if a website lack traffic it is regarded as dead. It just like when a human being has not eaten food for some time that how a website is like without traffic. It could lead to fall in business, loss, unscripted by Google, lack of trust among web users. So if you want to open a website or have already opened then you most know how to get traffic.

Paid traffic Vs Free traffic

When I started allbigtips I remember surfing the internet to find out ways especially easy ways with which I will get traffic to my blog. I got tips like doing a social

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Which is deadly HIV-Aids, Cancer or Diabetes mellitus

In the world today scientists have proven that this century is known as the century for disease, so it means that different disease will be arising. In the latest statistics by the WHO it is shown that more that half of the world’s population die of Cancer, Diabetes and HIV. And even all scientists research and experiment of finding a cure has been unsuccessful. 

In this our modern age where technology and science keeps on advancing, it’s also so sad that as this things advance diseases advance and people die. But we will be looking at the most deadliest diseases in the world and they include Hiv-Aids, Cancer and Diabetes mellitus.


During the first decade after recognition of AIDS epidemic in the United States in 1981, almost 180,000

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How biodegradable cars could be the next generation high technology

Cars are we important assist man got and marked the new dawn of technology. Cars no doubt has made life easy for man. Right from the first cars created by Carl Benz till the modern age cars, cars keep on evolving.  But the sad thing is that this car is the major reason why our ozone layer depletes more rapidly than it forms. This is the reason why scientists have been pondering on solutions to cope this effect. Then they too  a giant step of transforming coals used to power cars (In 80’s cars where powered by coal). This coal was tremendously bad to humans and the earth itself in that it’s emits dangerous substance. Then in the 90’s petrol was incorporated it did help a little but was almost the same as using the coal. 
Technology of cars began to advance proper in the 21st century. Now scientists thought about

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Review of top popunders: Popcash Vs Popads 2017

There are many basis of earning money as a blogger currently as a blogger. Some of these forms of earning include placing ads for people on your blog, using of company affiliate, selling of e-books on your blog. But the most common way in which bloggers earn money is by becoming publishers for various advertising companies. Some of these advertising companies includes:

Google Adsense,  properllerads, admaven,  adcash, popads, popcash, popmyads, adsoptimal, clicksor.

The interesting thing about this advertising companies is that they all vary to suit the needs of advertisers and publishers in offering high money conversations in Pop-up ads,

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Pasteurella an emerging Genus and pathogenic in causing pneumonia. 

Pasteurella is a genus from the family of Pasteurella. It is a gram negative, coccobacillus,facultatively anaerobic bacteria that exhibit a distinct characteristics of bipolar staining when gram stained which is far different from all other bacteria on earth. It is non-motile and pleomorphic and often catalase and oxidase positive. It constitutes part of the normal Flora of the nose and mouth in dogs, cats and other animals.

Pasteurella multocida is highly sensitive to enrofloxacin, oxytetracycline, chloramphenicol. It grows at 37 degrees on blood agar but not on Continue reading “Pasteurella an emerging Genus and pathogenic in causing pneumonia. “

Microorganisms now ruling the world in technological advancement and will one day take over the world

The 21st century is known for one basic attribute,  which is that it is good in innovative.  Today I was reading an article that said that China just built the longest bridge in the world, the overwhelming side of it is that; it was built over a River. Analyst said that it took them 17 years before they could accomplish what the bridge has become today. 

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What you need to know about actinomycosis and its prevention to live a better life.

Actinomycosis is a bacterial infection that affects the face and neck, often referred to as “lump jaw.” The infection can appear in other parts of the body, including the chest, abdomen and pelvis. Actinomycosis is caused by the Actinomycetaceae family of bacteria, which normally live harmlessly in the lining of the mouth, throat, digestive system and vagina, entering damaged tissue after trauma, surgery or other infection. Because it often develops as a secondary infection, actinomycosis can be difficult to prevent. However, there are some practical steps you can take to avoid certain cases of actinomycosis and, Continue reading “What you need to know about actinomycosis and its prevention to live a better life.”

Simple tips on how to monetize your blog or website 

Making money through blogging is an incredible opportunity — who doesn’t want to watch cash flow in all day after writing a great post? However, like most money-making schemes, monetizing your blog requires much more work than you’d think. There are lots of strategies for monetizing a blog, and a lot of places to fit your unique voice. So get to work and start making money.

Finding Money-Making Strategies

1) Sell advertising space on your blog. 
All blog platforms allow you to sell ad space, which generally gives a few cents every time someone

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Finally Know how to access your forgotten password on your computer without formatting for windows 7, 8 and 10

You can’t log into your computer because you don’t have the passwordor have forgotten your password? It’s frustrating to be locked out of your computer, especially when you need access to important files. Fortunately, there are many simple options for logging into your Mac or PC without having the password.

Here I will online some key steps to follow:

1)  Use a different computer to access the Live.com password reset website.
In a web browser on a different Continue reading “Finally Know how to access your forgotten password on your computer without formatting for windows 7, 8 and 10”