Ways to optimize and speedup your wordpress website.

WordPress the world’s most populous platform used by bloggers and website owners. WordPress that came about in the year 2003 and grew to be the most loved among bloggers majorly because it’s has a self-hosting platform and a free-hosting platform.

But the sad thing about wordpress is that it can sometimes experience “white screen death” when your website shows something like ” ERROR ESTABLISHING DATABASE “.  This is a major disaster among website. This is because these errors could lead to;

Loss of Traffic.

  • Decrease in Google web ranking.
  • Lack of trust of your website by web users.
  • Ban by Google which could lead to blacklisting your website.

But this issue of error

establishing database can be Solved and managed. Most times the reason why this happens is because your website cannot read the database that forms it due to lack of updating your website plugin, need for a change in the password of your website.
But the real question is how can I optimize my website, speed it up and reduce my loading time. What you need is to install plugins that will help do that.

  1.  Wp-cache: Cache is always formed by a website because it’s the useless file no longer needed by a website. Just like when you delete a post it leaves behind some rubbish files and if this files are allowed to build up, it will cause havoc to your site. So Install this plugin now to speed up your site.
  2.  Jetpack: This is a default plugin build by wordpress themselves. This plugin tells you about the Uptime and the downtimes your website is experiencing. It shows you your traffic stats, makes sure that your website loading tine is reduced and most importantly it’s checkmates scams on your site.
  3. Clef: Most times when you enter the wrong password into your site it could lead to the error establishing database. So clef plugin enables administrators to login using their phone numbers. This how it works when you type this on your site www.website.com/wp-admin, it shows you login using your phone where a code most times 6 digits is sent to your phone. This makes sure that hackers and scanners do not get access to your site
  4. Loginizer: This plugin is a brutal plugin that gives your site a certain limit to which password can be entered in order to wardoff scanners.

Aside from using plugins using a good website host also affect the nature and loading of your site if you’re confused on website hosts to use you can use trusted hosts like : hostgatorBluehostPhilmorehostwhogohostIpage. These are trusted hosts.

Note that sometimes when you too much plugins in your site your site tends to be slow and conflicts in the database as some of them may have the same function. So it is advised to have a maximum of 15 plugins.

Make sure that your html files are compressed in your database. This can be done easily in your control panel or plesl panel of your wordpress from your host.

Some websites just like to put lots of ads on their website. Some of these ads could be annoying to your audience and mist importantly can reduced your website loading time from 3.35s to 10.79s. This is not good for any website. So the advice is to use limited number of ads in your site.
Use good themes that will optimize your website. So many themes being developed by developers unnecessarily increases the loading time of websites and cause so many errors on your site. For this I really do prefer to use the default wordpress themes them I do some editing to my taste which is allowed. But if you decide otherwise to use other themes use themes which are optimized for any site.
Always keep in touch with fellow website owners and bloggers so that you will know how to keep your site in top flight as you will know your right from your left.


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