(Updated) Clicksor review for publishers 2017 for website and blogs

Clicksor is an all time old adnetwork which has been in the game with current alexa rank of 37,671. There are over 10 years old and have wide experience on how to make publishers and advertisers happy. Clicksor has over 400,000 publishers and over 5000 advertisers who pay for ads put on website and blogs. Clicksor has had a sent back in the past when they were sending virus to peoples site, but after taht experience clicksor has shown that it can handle anything and everything.

The problem with alternative contextual ad networks, including Clicksor, is Google Adsense. These small networks simply can’t compete with Google. The limited number of advertisers using these services means that the relevance of the advertisements is often weak.

Clicksor is an ad company which monetizes different sections on your site both CPM, CPV, Pop-under. It is a very good alternative for Adsense especially when you are rejected by them.

Publisher Requirements:

  • Publisher terms and condition: http://www.clicksor.com/publisher-agreement
  • Traffic requirement: None
  • Language requirement : None
  • Websites: All types of sites are accepted except adult sites, pornographic sites, sites on racism
  • Advertising type: CPM, CPC, CPV Pop-under (You have total control over the capping frequency)
  • Banner: All types of unit
  • Compactability with Adsense: Yes
  • WordPress plugin : Available


Text Ads Cost/Pay Per Click (CPC, PPC) $0.035 Per Click
Graphical / Rich Media Banners Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM) $0.20 Per 1,000 Impressions
Graphical Banners Cost Per Click (CPC) $0.035 Per Click
Pop-unders Cost Per Visit (CPV) $0.0025 Per Visitor
Interstitial Ads Cost Per Interstitial (CPI) $0.0025 Per Interstitial Ad



  • Control Panel: The Clicksor control panel takes some getting used to. It’s not as intuitive as most but requires a short learning curve. Once you spend a few minutes with it, it’s easy to use effectively.

Creating new ad units is particularly easy. The process is simple, straightforward, and takes only a few minutes to complete.

The Clicksor control panel has tabs for My Account, Ad Setup, Reports and Support. This makes it very easy to find the information you’re looking for.

  • Reporting: Clicksor reporting is one of the service’s best features. You can view daily reports, broken down by a number of categories, including by site and ad zone. This allows you to identify your top performing zones.

You can select any time period in Clicksor reporting. You can display the requested statistics in CPC, CPM, CPV, or CPI. You also have the option to display them all at once.


Publisher’s Share of Revenue: Clicksor states this is somewhere between 60% and “up to 85%.” In our experience, it’s closer to the 60% to 70% mark. While this is competitive in the industry, we always prefer a service (like Google AdSense) that specifically states the publisher’s share of revenue.

Payments are available for Paypal, check, wiretransfer.

Payment Threshold: When the money reaches $20 you can withdraw.


  • Fast site approval
  • Quick payment
  • 24/7 customer service
  • constant cpm rate
  • They monetize all your traffic unlike popads which only monetize some of your traffic.


  • Not as high rated as Adsense
  • Previous history with clicksor about their virus issue has reduced their customer trust but theyve dealt with that now




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