Finally Know how to access your forgotten password on your computer without formatting for windows 7, 8 and 10

You can’t log into your computer because you don’t have the passwordor have forgotten your password? It’s frustrating to be locked out of your computer, especially when you need access to important files. Fortunately, there are many simple options for logging into your Mac or PC without having the password.

Here I will online some key steps to follow:

1)  Use a different computer to access the password reset website.
In a web browser on a different computer, visit Once the site loads, select “I forgot my password,” then click “Next.”This method will only work if you registered a Microsoft account when setting up your computer and use it to log into your computer. Setting up a Microsoft account was the default setting, so you probably did this (unless you manually selected a different option).

2) Type your Microsoft account email address into the blank.
Microsoft accounts often end with, or If your account name is not recognized by the website, make sure you have one of those domains appended to the end of your username (for example, try to log in as instead of joesmith). Enter the characters in the image below the email field where prompted, and then click “Next.”

3) Select a verification method.
Choose from the options to receive a password reset code:When you created your Microsoft account, you provided a phone number and non-Microsoft recovery email address. Select either the email address or phone number, then click “Send Code.”If you no longer have access to your phone or recovery email, click “I don’t have any of these.” Beneath “Enter an email address that’s different from the one you’re trying to recover,” type an email address that you do have access to (not your Microsoft account). Click “Next” to have the code sent to the new email address.

4) Enter the code you receive from Microsoft.
Type the code you received in the box beneath “Enter your security code” and click “Next” to reset your password.If you received the code via text message or email, you’ll be able to enter a new password now. Once you’ve confirmed the new password, you’ll be able to log back into Windows with your Microsoft account.If you didn’t have access to your phone or recovery email account, you’ll be brought to a form that asks you to fill in as much verification information as possible. In addition to basic contact information, you can also confirm billing information and previous passwords. The data will be sent to a Microsoft employee who’ll research your information and contact you at your alternative email address with a password reset link.

Another option  may be to changing windows password into safe mode. Which will involve the following steps:
1)  Restart the computer from the login screen.
This restart is a little different than the kind you normally perform. Boot to the login screen, then click the Power icon. Hold down the ⇧ Shift key on the keyboard as you click “Restart.” This is the first of two restarts you’ll perform in order to boot into Safe Mode.

2) Choose a restart option.
Once the computer restarts, you’ll be brought to a screen that says “Choose an option.” Click “Troubleshoot,” then “Advanced Options,” then “Startup Settings.” Click “Restart” to boot the machine into a new option screen.

3) Press 4 or F4 to enter Safe Mode.
The exact key to press varies among computers. The computer will now boot to a Safe Mode login screen.

4) Log in as the built-in Administrator.
Click the arrow icon to choose the account called “Administrator.” You will not need to enter a password.

5) Open the User Accounts Control Panel.
Press ⊞ Win+X, click “Control Panel,” then “User Accounts.”

6) Click “Manage Another Account.”
In the list of accounts, choose the user account whose password you need to reset.

7) Click “Change Password.”
Now you can reset the password for your regular username. You’ll need to type it twice in order to confirm it, then click “Save.”

8) Restart the computer.
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, then click the Power icon, then “Restart.” When the computer boots back up, it will do so normally, and you’ll be able to log in with your regular username and the new password you created.


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