How biodegradable cars could be the next generation high technology

Cars are we important assist man got and marked the new dawn of technology. Cars no doubt has made life easy for man. Right from the first cars created by Carl Benz till the modern age cars, cars keep on evolving.  But the sad thing is that this car is the major reason why our ozone layer depletes more rapidly than it forms. This is the reason why scientists have been pondering on solutions to cope this effect. Then they too  a giant step of transforming coals used to power cars (In 80’s cars where powered by coal). This coal was tremendously bad to humans and the earth itself in that it’s emits dangerous substance. Then in the 90’s petrol was incorporated it did help a little but was almost the same as using the coal. 
Technology of cars began to advance proper in the 21st century. Now scientists thought about

building cars that will be able to use solar as its power source. And they did it, cars in India were Powered using solar. Well they could have rested there but in 2012 cars that would run using electricity was thought of. They were many test runs but it failed, but in 2013 the first cars that would run using electricity were built in the United States. Cars where now built to be more fashionable and to suit the comfort of the driver and ease of driving. 

There after cars that run of water where test run in 2014 and in 2016 cars that run using water were built. 
But they is one interesting thing among all these research, which is that they was once a proposal to build cars that were biodegradable or at least made from biodegradable elements. 

What is biodegradation? 

This is the breakdown or decomposition of materials by biological agents such as microorganisms. Making a car that is biodegradable is it logical? 

Well if cars where to be biodegradable it means it will help economize waste of materials and ease of materials necessary to build a car. This will help ensure that green house cars will stopped being trapped in cars especially in places where the sun is extremely high like in Africa. Cars itself will be very cheap to construct and afford. 
But scientist have asked a major question which is what will the car be running on fuel, water, solar or electricity? Well this question has yet to be answered but if commonly it were to be answered it would be any one. Biodegradable cars is the next generation technology in the 21st century. 

Is there a dark side to these biodegradable cars?

Yes because if cars are able to be biodegraded easily it means that no car will last because biological agents that can degrade any substance will stop at nothing to degrade that material in order to feed.  It means that if my biodegradable cars  are parked in the parking lot that are degrading because it is biodegradable. 
But with invention  Technology will become invincible   that nothing in this world will be able to contend with it. 


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