(Updated)How to build a classified site like craglist, olx, jiji for free.

Classified websites are websites where customers can place their ads on your site and other people can see the ad and if they like it they call or text the owner of the Ad and the business continues. This type of site is the most trending of all the site in the world. But the major problem and question is how to build it? Personally I do not like the idea of calling someone to help me build a site because they often charge slot without giving you a desired outcome. In this article I will give you some guidance to which you can build your classified site yourself.
There are so many platforms you can use to build this kind of site and you need not even have a single knowledge about coding they include :Yclas, osclass, wordpress, joomla, drupal e.t.c. But the one platform that is not only the most popular but the most diverse is wordpress. You can create anything with wordpress, even CNN, BBC, Forbes all use this platform. It is constantly updated with numerous plugins and themes.
Find out which niche is less competitive and exploit.
This is unquestionably the most important step, but it is typically neglected and that is the main reason why most of the classified ads sites fail sooner or later.
You should pick a niche which is untapped, but has enough monthly searches. Do you think you have any chance to outrank big dogs in the field like olx, Craigslist, jiji. However, if you focus on one particular niche or area, you have much better chance to outrank those giants. For instance, you make a classified ads website for a city, or one around a keyword. It is maybe possible that your market is already covered by another website, in that case you can try location + keyword combination which is normally far less competitive.

Make use of WordPress classified plugins

Once, you have a niche to work with, the next step is to install your chosen script, plugin or theme. Use theme since WordPress themes are out of the box solutions which mean they have all the features you will need. In most of the cases, they may be no need for other extensions. Some examples of wordpress classified themes are:

  1. Classipress
  2. Classifieds theme
  3. Sitemille classifieds theme
  4. Classify
  5. Classifier
  6. Classiera (This theme is highly recommended as it incorporate the best features in a 2017site)

But the bad thing with most wordpress classified themes is that most of them only support one type of payment which is PayPal and not used by everyone and support a few countries currency.

Build your classified site by using only wordpress plugin

If you ask me why use a theme that you may not like in the name of building a Classified website when you can choose your preferred wordpress theme and still be able to build your website.
So it is possible to build a classified website without using a classified theme? Yes it is check out this site where I used wordpress theme 2016 to build a classified site www.lionzworchads.com.ng.
This is possible with the use of classified plugins, they simply turn your site into a classified website without using a classified theme. Examples

01. Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin(Recommended)

Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin(Awcp) is considered the most fantastic tool to create a listing website, packed with the robust features and easy to setup and configurable functionality. The plugin is #1, most downloaded and best rated classified ads listing component has been running in the market for eight years. AWCP is supplied of all features that can make your ads listing site success. The unique and differencing part of this plugin are — allows AdSense ads are having full control over HTML codes. On top of that when It has an active notification system enabled, it can notify the ads posters about the expiring ads, renewals, and approvals. This plugin support all forms of currency worldwide and has multiple payment process unlike most classified themes.

02. Classified Maker

Classified maker is the latest plugin to create classified website without any hassle, can display ads listing in WordPress post and pages embedding shortcodes. The plugin is highly customizable, and developer friendly allows to add personalized value for filtering options and comes with unmatched functionality to create page themes for single and archive pages. Classified Maker is SEO friendly supports schema.org and can enable pagination, reCAPTCHA for frontend ads submission and ads for single and archive pages. So, if you have a planning to create cost effect website, download this template. It has everything tightly packed you need.

03. WPAdverts – Classifieds Plugin

WPAdverts is another robust and amazing WordPress classified plugin can build you full-blown responsive Classifieds WordPress website in no times. The plugin is easy to use and kickstart will perfectly immutable with any of smartly coded WordPress theme. Besides that, WPAdverts comes with modern and creative user interface from where your site users can easily browse and search their desired product. The ads managing system has some standout industry-specific feature. It’s packed with registered and anonymous user login capability, payment module to track user payment and transaction for their ads, Bank transfer payment gateway, automatic ad expiring robot and clean documentation.

04. Classifieds WP

Classifieds WP is simple, minimal, lightweight plugin to create online classifieds ads listing platform. The plugin is not feature packed like the plugin I intended above. But has high usability because it only publishes listing posts to create ads, has right out of the box support all modern and attractive WordPress themes. The plugin is easy to use, allows to upload multiple images using WP media browser for the single classified post listing. The interface of this plugin is user-friendly, glutted with features like — you can publish search from using shortcodes, submit ads using frontend submission form, preview ads before it going live, extend codebase to get personalized feature and more.

Add categories

Add specific categories and subcategories on your classified site of what you want your customers to know you’re offering and try to make it the top priority of the site. As to be the first thing your users see as the basic thing.

Monetize Your classified Website

This is quite easy especially with Google Adsense because statistics has shown that google likes this type of site and so rarely diapproves this site. The another wordpress classified plugin has a way if integrating Adsense and other way of monetization without stress.
In all wordpress is the best platform for a classified site. If you need help setting up your site do contact me.


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