Some PC when you buy them, have a very low dedicated video ram. Well you may not be well advanced about Knowledge of your PC, but for those who love gaming in particular that game may not play well due to low video ram which is the dedicated memory.

Some articles may tell you that you may increase it through your BIOS of your system but believe me it did not work for me; some may even say that it is not possible. But i want to tell you that it is possible. I had the same issue on My PC Hp 250 G6 Intel n3060 HD Graphics which had a dedicated memory of 128mb but I increased it to 512mb which is recommended for a 4GB Ram System.

But I didn’t stop and finally found a way to increase the VRAM for my PC without having the advanced tab on BIOS menu.

There is also a maximum limit for VRAM, for example, if your PC has 4GB of RAM you can increase the VRAM up to 512MB only. In case you have 8GB RAM you can set the VRAM up to 1GB (max).

So with no further waste of time lets learn how to increase a PC’s VRAM or Dedicated Video Memory.


Before we start, let’s check the VRAM you have. Right-click on your desktop and click on Display settings. After that click on Advanced display settings and click on Display adapter properties. It will give you a popup showing the properties of your display adapter. In my case, it is showing 128MB, and I have 4GB RAM PC so I can increase it up to 512MB.


  • 4GB RAM = 512MB VRAM
  • 8GB RAM = 1GB VRAM
  • 16GB RAM = 2GB VRAM

Step 1

At first, open Run box on your PC by pressing Windows Key+R or right click on the start menu and type Run (Windows 10)

Steps 2

Click on run then a dialog box will appear type in it ‘Regedit’” and click OK

Step 3

Once you are in the Registry Editor window, click on the expand icon of  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, Now find the SOFTWARE option and click on the expand icon

Now expand the options for Intel and Right-click on Intel and select New and Key,

Name the Key as GMM and click on the GMM option. On the right, you’ll see a blank page only with the default value. Now on the blank space, Right-click and select New and then click on DWORD (32-bit) Value. Name the value as DedicatedSegmentSize and click on space or hit enter to save it. Then Double-click on the DedicatedSegmentSize value and modify the value from 0 to 512MB (in case you have 8GB RAM, make it 1024MB). When you’re done Click on Ok. See sample below.


Step 4

Restart the system after you’ve saved everything. Then go Settings on your Pc and check if it worked. You will see this:


And you will see it change like this. I’ve been able to play my Fifa, Need for speed they all work fine. If you have challenges with this do contact me.



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