Make a free android app within 2minutes with Appyet without coding for your website or blogs 2017

With the increase in the number of app made perday in the world, there is also a need to make yours. If you have a website or blog this could be a way to earn money and even get more traffic to your blog or website. 

Appyet offers a two plans the free plan and the paid plan. In the free plan all modules and builders are free. But a $25 one time fee is paid to upload your app to the app store. 
Procedure for building App
Go to the website Appyet.

Click on sign up and fill in

the necessary form.

After that you can now login to your account. 

When you’re logged in click on create app and fill in the name of the app. 

Click on save. 

Go to general view below, he’s you can upload the icon that you want on your app, the design and colour. 

After that click on modules as you can see below and insert what ever you want you app to display especially your blog address ( please note that the blog address must be In RSS format example, for wordpress blogs. 

After that click on settings and set it according to your taste.

After you’re done click on build and your app will be ready in 2 minutes.

( note that the download link is mainly valid for 24hours after which you have to renew again). 


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