Microorganisms now ruling the world in technological advancement and will one day take over the world

The 21st century is known for one basic attribute,  which is that it is good in innovative.  Today I was reading an article that said that China just built the longest bridge in the world, the overwhelming side of it is that; it was built over a River. Analyst said that it took them 17 years before they could accomplish what the bridge has become today. 

But do you know the funny thing? This Chinese bridge can come down in one minute by the effort of a single colony of microorganisms.

Microorganisms has been known to be very effect in today’s modern technology. The famous nanotechnology as its powerful operation is designed according to a strain or type of microorganisms.  Microorganisms are ubiquitous organisms which means that they exist everywhere without limit.  Whenever Canada wants to refine the diamond  deposits which is found far below the ground where humans beings cannot survive in.  Microorganisms are sent they, they feed on the diamond in its impure state refine it into a purely fined metal. So far no technology built by man has done that. In West Africa the Ghanaians are known to be reach in Gold but lack the man power to refine this Gold found in deep deposits but microorganisms are used to refine them.
In phone making technology, before in the 90s phones where made so big and heavy that every units of the phone could not be embedded in it,  but in the 21st century through the knowledge of bacteria and how tiny and powerful they are scientist used that knowledge to build the type of phones we have where the integrated circuits are barely seen.
In the medical world you would agree with me that the reason why they are advancements in medicine is because microorganisms keep evolving everyday.  Because if they did not evolve new diseases would not be heard if and there won’t be research carried out by medical practioners. Cancer which is the most deadliest disease in the world treated by the so called technology man made is now obsolete. This is because the virus causing this diseases have evolved.  It may sound crazy but scientist are now using microorganisms to kill microorganisms. This is a next generation technology. You may wonder how can microorganisms killing another microorganism.  They are species of microorganisms called microphages or bacteriophage, these organisms feed on other microorganism. So with a change in their DNA strand man can harness them to effectively eliminate diseases.
In generation fuel for work biofuels which are made by this same microorganisms have now been thought to be extremely useful.  Initially we were used to getting crude oil converting it to other fuel but this cost a lot of money, wastes time, and destroys our planet.  Biofuels are costless, quick and very much efficient.
Microorganisms are far and will always be better than any form of technology man will ever make and has ever made.  If we look at how we communicate with our satellite with the aid of radiowaves,  so you know that these radiowaves are carried by microorganisms like the Genus Bacillus.
If any country in the world wants to develop efficiency in technology that will keep on benefiting that country for ages them they should use the microorganisms to grow that technology be it in Agriculture,  computer and electronics,  electricity.


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