Review of top popunders: Popcash Vs Popads 2017

There are many basis of earning money as a blogger currently as a blogger. Some of these forms of earning include placing ads for people on your blog, using of company affiliate, selling of e-books on your blog. But the most common way in which bloggers earn money is by becoming publishers for various advertising companies. Some of these advertising companies includes:

Google Adsense,  properllerads, admaven,  adcash, popads, popcash, popmyads, adsoptimal, clicksor.

The interesting thing about this advertising companies is that they all vary to suit the needs of advertisers and publishers in offering high money conversations in Pop-up ads,

popunders, cpm, cpv.

Today I will be focusing very much on Popunder networks.
Review of Popunder adnetworks. 

Generally google does not like any site that have interstitial, pop-ups, redirection. But popunders has been known to be relatively safe in that it only pops up under the tab of your current screen tab. 
Popunders are known to be the highest money earning platforms for bloggers worldwide, so generally regarded as safe. Some of the popular popunders ads are:


Admaven( the oldest popunder adsnetwork) 




These adnetworks are one of the best in the world. Popunder networks has been known to work effectively with Google Adsense ( a pay per click adnetwork and the best in the world) and comply with their policies. 

Review of Popads

I should say that according to research this is the best popunder network. It was established in 2010
Type of adnetwork: Popunder

Come rate $2 to $7 depending on traffic 

Minimum withdrawal : Publishers are allowed to withdraw a minimum of $5.

Alexa rank: 115

Customer support : They provide a 24/7 hours per day operation to their customers 

Traffic requirements : No traffic requirements, so all sites are accepted. 

Adult site: Yes

Payment method : Publishers can withdraw via PayPal,  payooner, bank deposit  at anytime of the week. 

It’s fast and easy to integrate in your site. 
Fast approval and payment. 

Quality ads. 

Minimum withdrawal of $5

Ads may sometimes not be relevant to your site niche.
Sometimes may show pop-ups which may be annoying to your site traffic. 

They  not count all traffic.

You can Sign up here

Review of popcash

Popcash is the best alternative to popads, which is a quality popunder site. It was established in 2012.
Type of ads: Popunder.

Minimum withdrawal : $10.

Method payment : PayPal, payooner 

Alexa rank: 225

Traffic requirement: Just like popads they accept all types of sites

Customer support : very reliable .

Adult site: They accept adult sites. 

Comparability with Adsense : Very compatible .

Cpm rate: $1.5 to $7.

Unlike popads it shows ads relevant to your site niche. 
It is very easy to integrate codes in your site especially if you are a wordpress user you can use the wordpress plugin.

Fast approval and payment. 

No pop-up ads. 

No live support to their customer care service.

You can Sign up here

So we’ve reviewed the two top popunders in the world, both are good so choose your preferred option.  Remember that they all work hand in hand with Adsense. 


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