The hidden truths behind blogging 2017

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The truth about Blogging is that it’s ‘hard’. Many people think that by having a blog they get easy and fast money, well that wrong. I will sight an example Africa’s number one female blogger Linda Ikeji said that it took her close to 4years before she could earn her first dollars. So I ask why rush into blogging when blogging is just like all other business that if the secret are not uncovered, it can fold up.

There are many ‘junk blogs ‘ junk in the sense that they are no longer managed by its owners again. The reason may be trying did not earn money the way they taught they would or the way people told them they would.

Blogging itself is not a quick money, get rich fast business

There are so many blogs that are making no doubt, but you as an upcoming blogger have you ever sat down to study what makes them giants in the business ?Most of the widely read blogs today took months, even years of consistent and tireless effort to get to where they are today and have the kind of recognition they have. Blogging is hardly a get rich quick scheme.

Blogging is Strenuous.

There is a belief that running a blog is what you do when you either don’t have a job or for fun, well yes and no. Yes in the sense that you may work on your blog when you have the time and chance and No because if you feel your to relax at blogging your blog may end up collapsing. Many believe it’s easy and requires little or no effort. That’s inaccurate. Aside having to constantly come up with interesting and engaging content for your blog (almost every hour of the day if yours is a news blog), you also have to consider the mails, questions and comments that you always have to attend to, to help drive engagement on your blog. Eventually, as your blog grows, you’ll realize it’s hardly something you can do on your own. Look do you know what I do when I want to put up a post: I look for the key word of what I want to talk on, I research from other blogs on similar things said or written, I look for back links so that I will get visitors and on and on. So you see blogging is not easy.

Major Challenge in Blogging

The major Challenge and the most annoying thing in blogging is when you don’t have traffic or visitors at all especially when you think that your blog posts are world class, this is extremely painful. This can make a blogger to give up in blogging, or even cause the blogger to fall asleep.

If you type on Google ‘how to get blog traffic ‘ you will see so many articles telling you market your content and you are like how? They will further explain by sharing on social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram or telling your friends about your blog. But this is extremely hard and won’t even give you lots of traffic that you will need and your blog will need. I have done a lot of these and it just didn’t work for me so I stop the sharing.

Investment is the only way to being be successful in blogging

You know why I stop sharing my posts in social media, it’s because after I did it for a month only 20 people visited it. Them I stumbled on a blog that said ‘investment brings returns ‘. I later understood that what he meant was that it is advisable for bloggers to buy traffic so as to build their blogs trust. But buying traffic isn’t it dangerous? Yes it is because someone can send you bot to your site which are not real people. But if you buy from trusted sites like seoclerks, fiverr, clockwork, popads. These sites sell real traffic. And now look what my site became initially when I started it.

This was what happened so I will suggest you try it especially from who sells from $1 up.

How do I earn from blogging.

There are so many ways of earning money as a blogger or from blogging. You can earn by:

  • Placing paid advert from people who pay you to advertise for them on your post.
  • Placed sponsored post from people who paid for some post to be published on your blog.
  • Online marketing, you can advertise products from some registered company like Amazon, Aliexpress, EBay.
  • You can put ads on your blog from trusted adnetwork company like Clicksor, properllerads, Google Adsense,, bidversiter.

Blogging though not earn is a perfect business for anyone to earn money from and disseminate information.


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