What happens in the brain chemistry when watching pornography in simple terms. 

Pornography and pornographic sites are the fastest growing sites on the internet because lots of viewers around the world all watch pornography. According to Alexa pornographic site are among the first 300 hight traffic sites in the world. 

As sweet and interesting it may be to watch porn, it has diverse and chronic consequences not only to our life’s psychology but most importantly to our brain. Scientist has carried out a research and found out that The human brain retains far more watched and viewed pictures than written or told words. Which is why anyone who watches porn can still replay it accurately in their brain as if they are just watching it for the

first time. 
Brain processes that occurs when watching pornography. 

There is a structure in the brain called the ventral straitum plays a significant role in the reward system of the brain- the pleasure pathway. The aspect of masturbation ( an aftermath of pornography) weakens the region of the brain of known as cingulaye cortex, responsible for moral and ethical decision making and will power. 
Chemical reactions. 

When having sex or watching pornography dopamine a hormone in the brain is released to a region of our brain responsible for emotion and learning, giving the viewer a sense of sharp, strange focus and a sense of want, ” adrenaline rush”. The next time such is being repeated ( watching pornography)  the brain tells the viewer when last he or she got the enjoyment from by small packets of dopamine being released. 

  • Norepinephrine: This chemical is also released in the brain responsible or creating alertness and focus. Its known as the “brains adrenaline “. It keeps the brain ready and alert for any action. 

    • Oxytocin & Vasopressin: These hormones are sex hormones that lay down the long term memories for the cells. They make the person’s calm and remind the person of what gave him or her sexual pleasure. 
    • Endorphins: Creates a wave of pleasure over the whole body. 

    After watching of the porn, the brain releases Serotonin ( released by the immunoglobulin E in the body during hypersensitivity), bringing calmness, quietness, relaxation and ease. 
    All these hormones are also released when opposite sex hug each other.

     According to resent research by scientists in 2014, it was said that when the opposite sex hug each other for more than 45 seconds there is bound for secretion of oxytocin which could lead into having sex. 

    Pornography is what has eaten deep into our world today. Statistics has shown that more than 55% of marriage end up in divorce attributed to lack of desire and sincerity among partners common among those who watch porn. 


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