Which is deadly HIV-Aids, Cancer or Diabetes mellitus

In the world today scientists have proven that this century is known as the century for disease, so it means that different disease will be arising. In the latest statistics by the WHO it is shown that more that half of the world’s population die of Cancer, Diabetes and HIV. And even all scientists research and experiment of finding a cure has been unsuccessful. 

In this our modern age where technology and science keeps on advancing, it’s also so sad that as this things advance diseases advance and people die. But we will be looking at the most deadliest diseases in the world and they include Hiv-Aids, Cancer and Diabetes mellitus.


During the first decade after recognition of AIDS epidemic in the United States in 1981, almost 180,000

people were reported to have contacted the condition,  63% of whom died. By early 1993, 250000 cases had been reported. AIDS was among the leading causes of death among 25-44 year old men and the fifth leading cause among 15-44 year old women (This statistics is according to WHO). The highest incidence, 120 cases per 100000 population, occurred in Washington DC. During the first year of the epidemic, almost all cases were among men. However by the end of the first decade, more than 11% of the cases were women and children and this percentage has continued to rise. Many cases of the cases in women has been ascribed to sexual intercourse with a man at high risk of hiv infection, usually a sexually promiscuous bisexual or heterosexual or an intravenous drug abuser. Americans are infected with HIV, worldwide, about eight million adults and one million children are infected. By the year 2016 an estimated 170 million people were infected in Africa,  Southeast Asia and Latin America. There is no cure to this disease but it could be managed. 


Cancer constitute the second most common cause of death after cardiovascular disease, in the United States and many other countries. Approximately 8 million people around the world die from cancer each year and this figure is projected to increase. Humans of all ages develop cancer and a wide variety of organs are affected. Worldwide, the main types of cancer accounting for mortality are those involving the lung, stomach, colon, rectum, liver and breast. Other types of cancer that lead to death includes cervical, esophageal and prostate cancer. Skin cancers are very common but apart from melanomas are generally not as aggressive as those mentioned above. The incidence of many cancers increases with age. Hence as people live longer many more will develop the disease. Hereditary factors play a role in some types of tumours. Apart from great individual suffering caused by the disease, the economic burden to society is great. The great fear about cancer is that any and everything causes it with no warning at all in that United States in particular has recorded the highest death of cancer than any where in the world. 


Diabetes is a disease caused as a result of failure of the pancreatic gland to produce insulin that regulates the sugar level in the blood. So when this happen over concentration of sugar content could occur or under concentration of the sugar in the blood. This disease has caused tremendous death in the world. Mammalian proteins, which a typical example is the insulin can be used to treat patients of all other diseases. But when this insulin is lacking that these diseases that insulin represses will begin to occur example heart attack. When diabetes has grown to be malignant it could make the patient to be in coma for months and after some time death. 
In this age many disease do not have cure so if you notice any sign of any disease please visit a physician. Prevention is better than cure. 


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