Wireless technology it’s impact and meaning to our modern dispensation. 

Wireless technology  first came about in the 18th century which has been significantly developed over the years.  Wireless technology in our modern dispensation deals with devices like the Bluetooth devices, Local area network (LAN).

Our present world shows that the wireless technology have been part of the wireless communication system that allows users to communicate even from a remote operated area to another.  There are many devices for wireless communication like mobile. Cordless telephone, GPS, WI-FI, satellite, television and wireless computer parts like wireless mouse keyboard, best wireless headphones and wireless printers. Current wireless phone include 3 and 4G wireless networks and Bluetooth technologies.
We have basically some divisions in wireless technology. Which are:

Fixed wireless: The operation of the wireless in office, home and in particular, equipment connected to the internet via specialized modems.

Mobile wireless the use of wireless devices or system board motorized, moving vehicles examples include the automotive cellphone and personal communication system.

Portable wireless-the battery powered devices or systems outside the office, home or vehicle example include handheld cell phones and pcs unit.

IR wireless the use of devices that convert data via infrared radiation which is infused in certain limited range communication and control systems.
Cellular phones: these provide connectivity for the portable and mobile applications, both personal and business.
Global positioning system (GPS): allow drivers, captain of ships and boats to locate places
Home entertainment system control boxes: the VCR control boxes and the television channel control boxes and HI-FI sound system and FM radio broadcast receivers also use this technology.
Remote garage doors openers: the garage door openers also use the wireless technology to control doors by sensing the motion usually this done by the radio frequencies.

Wireless headsets: We have music jukebox available now in the form of Bluetooth headphones which allows 24 entertainments even on long journeys to make travelling fun. These are incredible because they are light weight easy to carry and without any wires. With Bluetooth technology setting and using headphones has never been easier.

Satellite television: allows viewers to select the hundreds of channels from any location in the world

Wireless LAN or local area networks – provides wireless networks making sure flexibility and reliability to computer users in number of places like home, business or offices.
Wireless technology is evolving with time and its use increasing with the advancement in technology being made throughout the world. People are relying on the technology more now to add ease to their lives. Some of the specialized and exclusive example of the wireless technology may include:

Global system for the mobile communication (GSM) it is the standard mobile system that is used in the Europe and other parts of the world.
General packet radio service (GPRS) – a packet based wireless communication system which provides continuous connection for the mobile phone and internet users.

Wireless application protocol (WAP)- It is the set of communication protocol set to standardize the way the wireless devices such as cellular communication system or radio transverse are used to allow user to access internet using it.

Enhanced data GSM environment (EDGE): a faster version of the Global system for mobiles (GSM) wireless service.

Wireless technology has changed the world to what we now know as “ a global village“. Very soon human being will not have to be present to do things, within the comfort of one’s home he or she can do anything with someone in another country. 


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